Not everyone is thrilled with Opel's new lifetime guarantee. Germany's federal committee against unfair commercial practices recently spoke out against the automaker's new warranty by calling it "misleading." The company just recently announced that it will cover all of the mechanical bits on a vehicle for 160,000 kilometers, or about 99,500 miles – not exactly a lifetime, no, but still one heck of a promise. That mileage restriction is enough to put the German feds into a tizzy. Even so, Opel says that it plans to stand by the new campaign, saying that just like any other promotion, this one has its restrictions, and that those restrictions are clearly outlined at the time of purchase.

Opel is doing its best to rebuild its sullied image after the company's on-again, off-again sale by General Motors earlier this year. GM eventually elected to keep the company, but the stunt didn't do much for consumer confidence. Likewise, Opel products haven't exactly racked up a reputation for quality over the past few years. The automaker is hoping that its new warranty will sharpen consumer confidence in the brand's viability and result in more butts in seats.

[Source: Reuters | Image: Patrick Stollarz/AFP/Getty]

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