Kia Rondo discontinued in U.S. market with nary a whimper?

2010 Kia Rondo – Click above for high-res image gallery

"Thank you for inquiring about the Rondo . As the saying goes, 'all good things must come to an end.' But with endings, come new beginnings..."

That's the message visitors receive when they attempt to learn about the 2010 Kia Rondo from the Korean automaker's U.S. website. Interestingly enough, when we contacted Kia officials for confirmation that the Rondo wouldn't be around for 2011, we received the following response: "Kia has not yet decided on a 2011 model, but the 2010 is still available in dealerships."

Yes, that sounds like a typical canned response, and our best guess is that the Rondo is pretty much a goner. Taking a look at sales figures from last year, the Rondo was Kia's third slowest seller just behind the full-size Borrego SUV and the faux-luxe Amanti sedan. Worse yet, the Rondo's 2009 sales total of 14,206 units was less than half of the 28,645 sales it managed in 2008.

Kia is naturally hoping it doesn't lose out on customers that would otherwise have considered a Rondo. In lieu of the micro-minivan, Kia's consumer website is pointing buyers towards its new-for-2011 Sportage cute ute, which does have a good bit of space for stuff but surely isn't quite as family friendly as the apparently outgoing seven-passenger Rondo.

Interestingly enough, Kia of Canada does not seem to have the same message on its site, so we wouldn't be surprised if the MPV soldiers on with our neighbors to the north. If you're still interested in getting a Rondo of your very own in these United States, there are massive incentives that remain active on the 2009 model, including $2,000 cash back, $1,000 for a competitive vehicle turn-in, $1,000 for Kia owner loyalty, and/or a $500 discount for military service. That's a whole lotta cash on the hood. Hat tip to Michael B!

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