Once again an automaker is turning to you, The American Car Buyer, to find out what you want. This time, it's Volvo wondering what America's consumer audience thinks of a special edition C30 that would combine metallic Orange Flame paint and 17-inch wheels outside with two-tone seats in T-Tec and orange cloth, Sirius Satellite, an an upgraded audio system inside. If you answered, "Yes, I like the sound of that," Volvo wants to know if an automatic, climate control and bi-xenons would also be on your list.

The Orange Metallic paint is a current option on U.S. C30s – this is really about the interior and the special wheels, which aren't available. There is nothing to indicate that you'll have a chance to buy such a C30 no matter how badly you want it, but Volvo product communications guru Dan Johnston is listening to all comments left over at our friends at Swedespeed. Check 'em out by clicking on the link below.

[Source: Swedespeed]

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