One of our favorite things to discover while trolling the Internet is a MacGyver-like invention come to life. We get especially impressed when these twisted yet innovative devices involve normal modes of transportation (bicycle) coupled with everyday tasks (like drinking beer) to create a truly unconventional contraption. If it gets the job done in a greener or more efficient manner, all the better. Here are a few we've come across. Marvel at the lengths to which people will go to reduce their carbon footprint or simply be a little eccentric.

Bar Bike

At 9.5-feet long and equipped with two kegs, Christian Ettinger's Bike Bar is a liberal arts major's dream. Ettinger peddles around Portland, OR, on his tricked out two-wheeler, which comes complete with a bartop, two taps, a sound system, and pizza racks, selling tasty brew from Hopworks Urban Brewery. Phillip Ross, Etinger's partner in the bike bar, says that popularity is soaring. We can understand why: Green beer is awesome. And not just as a gimmick on St. Patrick's Day.

Bicycle Powered Coffee Bar

If micro-brewed beer isn't quite your bag, maybe another bike-powered beverage will get your gears turning. Kickstand Coffee, a mobile café that makes its home in Brooklyn, NY, is essentially made of two 160-lb carts that can be towed around by bicycles. The crew sets up shop wherever they feel like it and serves java while using no fossil fuels or electricity. To power the grinders these guys do it the old way: By hand.

Bicycle-Powered House

Weighing only 100 pounds and containing almost everything necessary for daily life, this home/trailer is green living to the fullest. Created by a man who only identifies himself as Paul, this bike-towed trailer employs a wind turbine, solar ovens for cooking and a solar water heating system for showers and "kitchen" use. Paul reportedly built the trailer as a part of a study to find out if he could live an entirely self-sufficient life in the event of a swine-flu-created apocalypse. Thus, the premise of the study may sound a little crazy, but the result is undeniably awesome.

Bike Powered Cotton Candy Machine

For those of you out there looking for a way to satisfy your sweet tooth in a more sustainable way, look no further than this bicycle powered cotton candy machine. True, it does use propane to heat the sugar, but the actual transformation of the sugar into wispy pink goodness (what, you thought there were other ingredients?) is accomplished solely by a man pedaling a bike rather than employing conventional electric spinners.

Bicycle Music Festival

If the above gizmos just didn't quite match your qualifications for being truly innovative and green, we think that this should: The Bicycle Powered Music Festival. Featuring a 2,000-watt, pedal-powered PA system, a stage that can be hauled by bikes, bicycle party caravans and no cars or trucks allowed, San Francisco's Bicycle Music Festival is the ultimate in sustainability, priding itself on being the "only festival in the world literally hauling its own weight." The summer festival features as many as 15 bands, many of which play while rolling down streets in trailers outfitted with amps and microphones, all pulled by, you guessed it, bicycles.

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