Lear Corporation is a company best known for supplying vehicle interior systems, particularly seats. However, like many other major automotive suppliers, Lear has seen an opportunity in vehicle electrification and is branching out into new product areas.

For Lear, that means charging systems and its first customer is General Motors and the Chevrolet Volt. Lear is providing the on-board charger for the Volt as well as the 240-volt, wall-mounted chargers that GM recommends for Volt buyers. In addition to the chargers, Lear is also supplying some of the low-voltage wiring and the main battery disconnect.

Like the design of the car itself, GM tried some new things when it sourced suppliers for the Volt. Traditionally, where the main systems of a vehicle are known quantities, automakers go to suppliers with specifications and a request for quote. Because so much of the Volt was new, GM opted to work with its suppliers earlier on in the process to determine what was needed and develop specifications together.

[Source: Detroit Free Press]

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