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Find of the Day: Mike Tyson's 1997 Bentley Continental T

Mike Tyson's 1997 Bentley Continental T – Click above for image gallery

You want a heavyweight? Look no further than the previous-generation Bentley Continental T. It may have been shorter and lighter than the Continental R, but it was still based on prehistoric architecture and packed 650 pound-feet of torque. But even among the 322 units that were produced and sold, this one stands out hand and fist over the rest of 'em. That's because this particular example belonged to Mike Tyson.

The Champ was known to spend more than even he had, and this isn't the first time one of his Bentleys has gone up for sale. Want to know more? Let us chew your ear, so to speak: This particular turbocharged model came equipped with two-tone red and black Connolly leather interior, a polished aluminum dashboard encompassing a red starter button and a McIntosh sound system.

Sold to Tyson in Las Vegas by Rolls-Royce of New York in 1997, the car has since accumulated 40,000 kilometers (under 25,000 miles) and has undergone an overhaul at the hands of England's Phantom Motor Cars. The asking price from the current owner in Germany comes in around $170 grand.

[Source: JamesList]

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