Diecast Warfare: Tomica reportedly returning to U.S. to take on Hot Wheels, Matchbox

Finally, something from our youth returns in a good way, not another Incredible Hulk reboot or power balled Cure cover. Tomica (or Tomy), which left the U.S. in the Eighties after some financial troubles, is coming back next month – and almost just like it was before. A line of miniature diecast cars will be sliding into an as-yet-unnamed retailer next month on their little plastic wheels. They'll be sold alongside playset combinations like the Hypercity Gas Station, pictured, so your child can learn to spend his or her money just like you did.

Tomica Mitsuoka Orochi diecastThere will be models such as the Daihatsu Mira and Mitsubishi i-MiEV from which to choose, as well as the eternally popular Mitsubishi Fuso Aero Queen bus. They'll be paired with a mat that has roads and buildings drawn onto it. Step up to the floor-hogging world of the Hypercity, Super Big Set and Mega Station, though, and you'll find more familiar models like the Subaru Legacy sedan, Mazda's Axela/ Mazda3, and Toyota's Harrier/ Lexus RX. Non-Japanese models may come in the future, but come September, it'll be JDM-only dreamtime, at $4.99 and up. Here's hoping they bring over the Mitsuoka Orochi (right).

[Source: Hemmings | Image: Sir09 via CC 2.0]

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