Animated Dodge vs. PETA commercial dispute – Click above to watch the video after the break

Animated news. It's just such a novel idea that we simply can't believe it has taken so long to become mainstream. Well, mainstream if you happen to live in Taiwan, that is. Here in the States, we're still dealing with old-school news anchors that actually read us the stories from pieces of – get this – paper. How quaint.

Fortunately, we're not quite so behind the times when it comes to the Internet, so it's none too difficult to find Taiwan's animated news gems to watch in awe till our hearts are content. This latest little animation from Next Media Animation covers the recent spat between Dodge and PETA. Surely you remember the invisible monkey commercial, right? If not, click here to refresh your memory.

Still with us? Good. Now click past the break to see it all play out in glorious Taiwanese animated goodness. Pay special attention to the facial expressions of the fictitious PETA folk. Pure brilliance.

[Source: Next Media Animation via YouTube via Jalopnik]

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