In a post on GM's FastLane Blog, technical fellow Candace Wheeler sums up The General's thoughts in these post-Gulf oil spill times this way:
As I watched the events affecting our nation's coastline, my resolve is stronger than ever – we must focus our efforts on alternative fuels. We need change and choices for energy independence and that's the focus of the team that I'm proud to work with at GM.
As we've said before, it shouldn't require a catastrophe for action to be taken, but we'll leave that sentiment behind for now and move on to GM's alternative fuel plans. Wheeler notes that GM is currently working on several alternative vehicle technologies including hybrids – both mild and strong, fuel cell development, CNG/LPG vehicles, an EREV and also cellulosic ethanol. Wheeler believes E85 is the best near-term solution to meet the nation's alternative fuel needs, saying:
While we know that there is no one solution to meeting our nation's alternative fuel needs, GM supports E85 ethanol as our best near-term solution. In fact, last month, we announced that we're increasing annual production of Flex Fuel Vehicles (FFV) to more than 850,000 – that's a 55 percent increase from the 2006 volumes.
Wheeler continued by offering some words supporting the use of domestically produced E85:
However, with domestically-produced renewable biofuels and renewable energy, we have options for offsetting our dependence on petroleum. You might not realize it, but there are so many options for producing renewable energy right in our own backyards. The fuel can then be produced locally and shipped to distributors in the area, which further reduces the amount of energy needed and lowers our carbon footprint all at the same time.
We can't help but point out that many would argue that ethanol is simply not as clean as Wheeler wants us to believe, but we'll take clean local energy whenever possible.

[Source: FastLane Blog]

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