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Shortly after purchasing GM's Wilmington Delaware plant, Fisker Automotive's chief operating officer, Bernhard Koehler, promised that the company would host a "supplier day" to give local businesses a chance to vie for contracts with the automaker. While many of Delaware's local manufacturers were surprised by the announcement, they were also geeked to learn that the chance to bid for additional work was supposedly coming soon.

Since that initial announcement, many months have flown by without any additional word from Fisker. Tim Dougherty, president of Benz Hydraulics, recently spoke of Delaware's troubled economy and shares the sentiment of many other local businesses regarding Fisker's delayed promise. He said:
When we lost General Motors, that was a very large number for us. We have -- as far as I know -- we have done everything we can to make sure we're on the list of suppliers [for Fisker]. I know that information seems to be very tight-lipped.
Atlantis Industries, a Delaware-based injection molded plastics company, has been hit hard by the recent recession, which has cut into its revenue significantly. Atlantis Industries is just one of about 40 Delaware-based companies eagerly awaiting Fisker's "supplier day." Fisker says it still plans to hold its suppliers' expo, but the company can't give a firm date. Surprised? We aren't.

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[Source: Delaware Online]

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