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Viridian Power (VP) and Rapid Electric Vehicles (REV) have teamed up to install charging stations throughout Canada. The companies are actively seeking the assistance of municipalities, cities and utility companies throughout the country as they aim to launch pilot test projects for electric vehicles (EVs) in virtually every major city there. VP and REV have enlisted the help of Coulomb Technologies and will utilize its ChargePoint stations throughout Canada.

REV chief executive officer Jay Giraud said, "Our 2012 objective is to connect every major city across the country with a network of charging stations coast to coast." Of course, this implies that a load of chargers must be installed within a brief amount of time, but as Coulomb Technologies CEO Richard Lowenthal previously mentioned, Canada is:
A strategic and important country for deployment of electric vehicle charging stations. There are hundreds of progressive organizations, utilities and government entities that have shown strong interest in laying the groundwork for the necessary infrastructure to welcome EV's to the market.
Let's hope that the trio of VP, REV and Coulomb can charge up our northerly neighbors soon. Follow the jump for more info on the partnership between Viridian Power and Rapid Electric Vehicles.

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Viridian Power and Rapid Electric Vehicles Enter a Partnership to Install and Maintain Electric Car Charging Stations Throughout Canada

Vancouver, BC, August 6, 2010 - Vancouver-based Viridian Power and Rapid Electric Vehicles (REV) announced on August 3 that they have entered a partnership to develop the infrastructure for the deployment of electric vehicles in Canada. Providing the complete solution to electrify fleets, REV is the Value Added Reseller for Coulomb Technologies Chargepoint™ charging stations. Viridian Power will be providing the installation and maintenance of Coulomb Chargepoints™ on behalf of REV.

The electric vehicle industry is still in its infancy, though it is expected to be one of the fastest growth stories over the next twenty years. Attracted by the numerous benefits of electric vehicles, two-year old REV is in negotiation with municipalities, cities, utilities and commercial companies to launch pilot projects in almost every major city across Canada. Electric vehicle charging stations will be an integral part of bringing electric cars to the mainstream. Viridian Power, an electrical contractor with a strong interest in sustainable practices, will be working with REV to build the infrastructure and provide the necessary maintenance to the Coulomb Chargepoint™ charging stations.

"Our 2012 objective is to connect every major city across the country with a network of charging stations coast to coast," says Jay Giraud, CEO of REV. "Making sure there are convenient and easy locations to charge is only half the battle. The other half is ensuring they are properly maintained and serviced so that when someone arrives to charge, they are comforted by knowing the charge stations will always work. Viridian Power has the right people with the technical knowledge, the service ethic and the expertise to make this happen. We are thrilled to be working with Viridian and look forward to a successful partnership."

Led by industry veteran Mark Lawton, Viridian Power is recognized as one of Canada's leading providers of electrical solutions with a breath and depth of experience that spans over 25 years. With a proven track record for delivering the technical know-how and project management skills for large-scale projects including being a leading supplier of temporary power for the Vancouver 2010 Winter Games, Viridian Power's team of electricians and engineers have helped solidify their first class reputation in the electrical industry.

"At the heart of Viridian Power is our vision for a sustainable future where we are all relying less on fossil fuels," says Mark Lawton, President of Viridian Power. "When the opportunity to partner with REV was presented, the partnership seemed a natural fit. The team at Viridian Power is looking forward to being a part of a global solution towards sustainable alternatives."

Working with early adopters, REV provides a revolutionary new automotive solution: 100% electric Ancillary Power Vehicles (APV's) for fleets. Uniquely capable of bi-directional charging, APV's with REV's technology help increase the efficiency, sustainability and stabilization of electricity grids while reducing their dependence on internal combustion and fossil fuels. In April this year, REV made its North American debut of an all-electric light duty SUV for use in a commercial fleet to Burlington Hydro Inc.. The GridSmartCity demonstration project will study the use of the vehicle in "real world" fleet operating conditions.

About REV

Rapid Electric Vehicles (REV), a Vancouver-based company, is a leader in electric vehicle solutions for fleets developing and delivering full-performance electric vehicles for North American fleets. REV specializes in vehicle-to-grid networks and bi-directional energy storage systems that support renewable energy production and a reduction of dependence on carbon-intensive sources. For more information on REV click here. Follow REV on Twitter by clicking here.

About Viridian Power

Viridian Power provides electrical solutions that support sustainable energy practices. With proven experience in a diverse range of electrical backgrounds and specialists in the event industry and in the use of temporary power, Viridian provides cutting edge systems that promote sustainable solutions for consumer, commercial and industrial applications. The future is electric and Viridian Power will help light the way. For more information on Viridian click here. Follow Viridian on Facebook and Twitter by clicking here.

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