Jaguar may move to a hybrid bodyshell to reduce weight in its upcoming smaller vehicles that will slot in below the company's current models. Tata Motors, owners of Jaguar, recently announced that a lineup expansion for Jaguar will include an entry-level sedan and roadster, both aimed at competing with the vaunted BMW 3 Series.
Tata Motors chief executive officer, Carl-Peter Forster, hinted to Autocar that Jaguar's entire lineup of entry-level luxury vehicles will carry the XE moniker and come in "several variations." Meanwhile, Mark White, the company's chief technical specialist, told a trade magazine that he hopes to utilize a mixed-material bodyshell that incorporates "steel for the box sections" and aluminum for the "floorpans, roof panels and doors." White said this hybrid bodyshell would reduce weight at a "minimum cost." And as we all know, reduced weight leads to increased efficiency, so the minimal expense is probably money well spent as Jaguar looks to meet upcoming CAFE standards that will impact the entire industry by 2016.

[Source: Autocar]

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