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Nissan held its dealer conference last week in Las Vegas and discussed the company's upcoming electric vehicle, the Nissan Leaf. While we've yet to hear much from the conference, one dealership has come forward and posted a slew of additional information over at the My Nissan Leaf forum. Most of the information, if true, will not please those eager to land a Leaf soon. Leon Kamins, general manager of Mossy Nissan of Kearny Mesa and Poway, posted the following:
By the end of March of 2011, there will have been roughly only 3,300 Leafs delivered nationwide. Nissan initially wanted a lot more (10,000), but decided to launch in Japan in January, which diverted two thirds of the cars. So, of the 3,300, Nissan is parsing them out at a few hundred a month over the 4 months (December through the end of March). They are launching the car first in San Diego, Portand, Nashville, Houston, Tuson-Phoenix corridor because this is where the infrastructure will be. I know that information is really scarce out there and I think it's only fair that you know all sides of the story. I'm trying to be the dealer that really communicates with you guys and tells you what's going on from the backside. I think there's value in that and based on the massive response I have received, many of you agree.
Now, if the statement posted by Kamins turns out to be true, Nissan's allotment of Leafs in the coming months have been trimmed from our initial expectations. While we wait to hear more from others in attendance, keep your fingers crossed in hopes that Nissan hasn't limited our allocation to meet Japanese demand. Hat tip to EVNow!

*UPDATE: Our friends over at Nissan-Leaf reached out to Nissan for a response to the claims put forth by Kamins. Nissan states that the claims are "purely speculative on Mossy's part" and adds that "production allocation is based on number of customer orders. Our order window opens in a few weeks. The general manager has no special insight."

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