According to a recent study released by McKinsey & Company, an international consultancy firm, the U.S. is at the top of a list as the country most likely to lead in the emergence of electric vehicles (EVs). The study looked at nine variables that may influence each country's likelihood of adopting EVs as a means for mass transportation, including production costs, electricity rates, government incentives and consumer interest.

By factoring in all nine variables, McKinsey concludes that the U.S. will initially lead the EV race, but China and Germany are just slightly behind. The initial U.S. lead could be short-lived, since McKinsey & Co. thinks China could emerge as the leading electric car market within 20 years. McKinsey suggests China's low electrical costs, combined with its high expectations of producing millions of EVs soon, could help the nation leapfrog other countries quite soon.

[Source: Finanical Times – sub. req. via AllCarsElectric]

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