Coming up this afternoon, the heated discussions we have here on AutoblogGreen about the merits of the Nissan Leaf in comparison to the Chevrolet Volt will take to the public airwaves. Sometime during the 2 p.m. (EDT) hour of NPR's Science Friday show today, Nissan's Mark Perry, Nissan's director of product planning, Tony Posawatz, the Chevy Volt's vehicle line director and Phil Ross, a senior editor at IEEE Spectrum will join host Ira Flatow to discuss the question "Are Americans ready to plug in?" That's the official direction the show will go in, but we're guessing we'll hear at least a little sniping from the two automaker representatives about how their vehicle is better than the other, whether because of price, range or whatever. We hope people who call in provide good ideas and opinions as well. You can listen to the show live on your local NPR station, stream it or grab the podcast once it's over (note: interactivity will be decreased when listening to the podcast).

[Source: Science Friday via Plugin Cars]

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