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Hyundai's chief executive officer, John Krafcik, made the headlines last week when he announced that the company aims to hit a remarkable fleet fuel economy average of 50 miles per gallon by 2025. But even Krafcik admits that getting to that lofty mark will undoubtedly require the addition of at least of couple of dedicated hybrid models. While Hyundai has confirmed plans to introduce of both a dedicated hybrid model in 2012 and a plug-in hybrid, the company has yet to release many important details that would help us piece together what to expect of Hyundai's dedicated hybrid models. That is, until now.

Krafcik told Ward's Auto in an interview following his appearance at the annual CAR Management Briefing Seminars recently held in Traverse City, MI:
We want to do something that is different from Prius or Insight. We want to differentiate ourselves from a design point of view and deliver, we hope, really extraordinary fuel-economy numbers.
Krafcik also hinted that Hyundai's dedicated hybrids will deliver a more engaging driving experience than competitive hybrid models and would likely offer driving dynamics comparable to the Sonata Hybrid, which is slated for launch later this year. Producing a dedicated hybrid that's both frugal with fuel and engaging to drive would indeed present a challenge, but at least one automaker has already successfully combined these attributes into a single vehicle, showing that it can be done.

[Source: Ward's Auto]

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