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If past experience doing business with car dealers is anything to go by, the answer to the of what do Nissan dealers know about the Leaf electric vehicle (EV) is probably "not much" or "certainly not nearly enough." For anyone that knows anything about cars, talking to most salespeople can be incredibly disheartening or frustrating. A UK correspondent for AllCarsElectric spoke to some British Nissan dealers about the upcoming EV and got plenty of misinformation in the process. According to the dealer, the Leaf is the first real electric car ever made – this would no doubt come as a surprise to the staff at Tesla, GM, Toyota, Honda, Ford and even Detroit Electric from nearly a century ago. It may well turn out to be the first affordable, high-volume EV, but that's not the same thing.

Similarly, the Leaf cannot be fully charged in just 10 minutes nor is anyone in the UK required by law to sell the Leaf, as the dealer claimed. Have any of you spoken to your local dealer about the Leaf, Volt or any other plug-in vehicle? What sorts of fables – or, gasp, truths – have you heard? Share in the comments.

[Source: AllCarsElectric]

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