The announcement today that General Motors will soon be welcoming its fourth CEO in just 14 months was startling news, but the real unanswered question is just who is Dan Akerson? We've already told you what his business chops are and it's clear the man can run a lemonade stand, but there's virtually no other information available out there besides his resume. And as for pics, the entirety of the internet has but one to offer, which is Akerson's glamor shot as a member of GM's board of directors. Flattering? No. Looks like a high school principal's year book picture.

Well, we dug a little and found some interesting info on one Mr. Daniel F. Akerson. For one, he lives in McLean, Virginia and is reportedly an avid golfer. Ok, not too surprising, as most corporate executives can swing a club. How about this: He's said to be worth an estimated $190 million. Yeah, CEOing is a good gig if you can get it. Also, he currently drives a Cadillac CTS.

Finally, we're told that Mr. Akerson's first car was an MGB roadster, which he quickly traded in for a 1970 Oldsmobile Cutlass. Now, we don't have confirmation on which Cutlass he had, and it makes a difference. The 1970 Cutlass was nothing special, unless you're talking about the 442, which was a legitimate muscle car. The fact that Akerson first had an MGB makes us hopeful that he is a car guy after all and that the Olds in question was the 442... or at least was powered by a Rocket V8 of some sort.

Does the CEO of General Motors need to be a car guy? Not really. Ford CEO Alan Mullaly has never been considered a "car guy," which didn't stop him from righting Dearborn's sinking ship. Still, enthusiasts might take comfort in the fact that the man running one of this industry's most important companies knows his way around a four-barrel carb.

And Dan, a little advice: Trade up to a CTS-V Coupe. What's $190 million good for if you're not going to use it?

[Source: GM, DavidSheperson via Twitter]

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