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General Motors has grand plans to launch several new models that are aimed at supplying the company with at least one efficient model for each of its core brands within the next three years. Though we've reported on the upcoming launches of every model on the list, confirmation from company sources gives credence to the rumors that have swirled around regarding a few of the vehicles slated for future debut.

According to a report in Automotive News (sub. req.), which cites sources within GM, execs within The General firmly believe that gas prices will eventually rise above that $4 mark reached back in 2008 and they want to be prepared for the looming increase that will send buyers scurrying to swoop up more fuel-efficient models. To that end, GM has crafted a lineup that will meet the demand of fuel-conscious buyers. For Chevrolet, the remodeled Aveo subcompact will debut in mid-2011, followed by the Spark minicar in 2012. Buick will introduce the Verano compact car in 2012 and possibly a LaCrosse hybrid shortly thereafter. Cadillac will focus more on fuel efficiency with its compact ATS model scheduled for 2013. Even GMC will get in on the action with the 2013 introduction of the Granite, a small hatchback with radical styling. With so many compact, efficient vehicles coming soon, GM appears to be more than ready for the day when gas prices spike up once again.

[Source: Automotive News - sub. req.]

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