Gloucester, in the UK, is no stranger to greening up things that used to be not-so-green, like parking lots. The latest item to get a green makeover is a refueling station – called a motorway service area ('MSA') – between junctions (exits) 11a and 12 on the M5 called Gloucester Gateway. The £35 million ($55 million U.S. at today's exchange rates) project is wide-ranging and could be an example for the gas station of the future. Stop us if you've heard this before.

With a grass roof, a veggie garden, biofuel pumps, electric vehicle rechargers and a ban on fast food chains, the MSA sure doesn't sound like the gas stations we're familiar with here in the U.S. The developers have approved the design, but it's not all smiles in the local environment community, which sees the Gateway as a total greenwash that simply encourages more driving, says the Guardian. It's also somewhat ironic that, while most of the food will be locally sourced, the stations main product – oil – isn't exactly a domestic resource.

Development continues, but there's still time for both sides to make their arguments; the Gateway isn't scheduled to open until 2013. Thanks to TheDriver for the tip!

[Source: Guardian via Driving To The Future]

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