Every party in Formula One is neatly compartmentalized into groups. The rule-makers have the FIA. The bean-counters have Formula One Management. The drivers have the Grand Prix Drivers' Association. And the constructors have the Formula One Teams Association. Each party serves as an organizing body for the members it represents, and in turn lobbies to the others for what its constituency wants.

All of these groups know all too well how to spend money, but where is that money coming from? The sponsors, of course. Corporate sponsors inject some $723 million into the sport every year, and now they're getting organized as well. Their union is being called Formula 100 (not to be confused with the medical nutrition drink of the same name), and represents a select group of the top sponsors in the sport. F100 is planning their first conference for September 1 at The Waldorf Hilton Hotel in London, where member companies will be able to learn more about the field and voice their opinion as a group.

[Source: pitpass]

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