United Nude Lo Res Project Lamborghini Countach – Click above for gallery

Whereas the videogame and CGI worlds are obsessed with ever higher polygon counts to help replicate the smoothness and texture of real life objects, a group of designers at United Nude (great name) has started a project by the name of Lo Res to explore design in the opposite direction. The group takes typical objects like a shoe, a chair, glasses or a Lamborghini Countach, scans them into a computer and then renders them with ever decreasing numbers of triangles.

The result is a kind of computer-aided abstract take on whatever object has struck their fancy. If the group likes the finished product well enough, they'll even go to the trouble of having the object built in true-to-life size like they did with the Lamborghini Countach. Unfortunately, it doesn't look like you can hop in the Lo Res Countach and go for a ride, but you could certainly hang it on your wall as a piece of fine art.

[Source: United Nude via Engadget]

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