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After four days of traversing a 560-kilometer trek through the Alps, the first e-miglia electric vehicle rally is now in the books with a Tesla-Tesla-Think finish. Unlike the rallies we typically hear about, liver-quivering acceleration wasn't what gave the winners an edge. Rather, the ability of the drivers to follow a route with extreme consistency, finishing various segments closest to an allotted time carried the day. Admittedly not as exciting sounding as taking turns sideways at breakneck speeds, spewing gravel over the edge of a dangerously close precipice, but still rewarding – in a Conestoga wagon across the Oregon Trail sort of way.

Walking away from the Alpine adventure with a check for €10,000 ($13,290 U.S. at today's rates) was Team Energiebau. Tim Ruhoff and co-driver Steven Hoffmann managed to win two of three special stages outright, stylin' all the while in a Tesla Roadster Sport. Team JuWI, also rolling in a Roadster, claimed 2nd place while Team Move About Bosch took third place with a Think City.

The field of 25 contained many of the usual EV suspects – the aforementioned Teslas and Think along with a Citroën C-Zero – as well as a few less familiar including a Twike, a Tazzari Zero, a Mega Multitruck Van and an assortment of conversions including an electric version of the Jetcar. Check out the gallery below for pics of participants and hit the jump for video from each day of the event.

[Source: e-miglia]

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