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As August rolled in, the pre-ordering period for the Nissan Leaf opened up in Portugal and the Republic of Ireland. More pre-orders than expected (maybe) came in, and Nissan has reportedly announced a slight setback that will leave one nation less than pleased. According to reports, Nissan will delay the launch of the Leaf in Holland until June of 2011, six months later than expected. Nissan intends to stick by the delivery schedules set for the rest of Europe, but Holland, with only 500 reported Leaf hand-raisers, was bumped – presumably to meet higher demand elsewhere.

Despite the setback, accepting pre-orders in selected European countries was a momentous day for Nissan. Simon Thomas, head of sales and marketing at Nissan International SA said:
Today's announcement brings zero-emissions motoring one step closer to reality in Europe. Nissan Leaf will appeal on many levels, it's a completely zero emission electric car with all of the financial and environmental benefits that will bring, but it is also a practical family size car and fun to drive. That's a powerful combination, and Nissan Leaf is already attracting significant interest from prospective customers.
With 23,000 pre-orders on record and 12,000 more expected in Europe, Nissan may be hard-pressed to keep up with early demand. Hat tip to Matthijs!

[Source: Steel Guru]

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