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There's been quite a bit of chatter circulating around the Internet regarding the price of the Chevrolet Volt. Some of the noise coming in suggests that the Volt's buy price is too high, other reports hint that Chevrolet sets its pricing structure to favor leasing and there's still some people that wouldn't consider a Volt a bargain at virtually any price.

While the Internet is full of doubters who believe that Chevrolet will have trouble moving the Volt off of dealer lots, GM's executive director of hybrid and electric powertrain engineering, Larry Nitz, is confident that the General will have a steady stream of customers willing to fork over $41,000 MSRP ($33,500 after federal tax incentives) for the Volt. During an executive briefing session in Traverse City, MI recently, Nitz remarked that the Volt will have "a plentiful supply of customers at that price." At $41,000, Nitz may be right about customers flocking in to get the Volt, but if prices jump up to $60,000, interested buyers may be nonexistent.

[Source: Green Car Advisor]

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