The Formula SAE student design competition started by the Society of Automotive Engineers nearly 30 years ago enters a new phase this week with the start of the first Formula Student Electric competition in Germany. Like FSAE, the new contest requires teams of engineering students to design, build and race single-seat race cars, but in this case they are all powered by electricity.
Formula Student is the international equivalent of the FSAE program and both the conventional and electric competitions are taking place at the Hockenheim race track. Representatives from Audi are among the jurors for the competition, along with people from numerous other automakers and suppliers.

The student teams are judged in static events where they have to present a business plan, the engineering rationale behind their vehicles and the cost. Once they hit the track, the cars are judged on handling, braking, acceleration and fuel efficiency. 76 teams with over 2,000 students are competing in the general event with another 15 teams going for the electric honors. The judges from Audi will also be paying close attention to how the cars are constructed and giving out a special award for the most innovative lightweight concept.

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Formula Student: With volts and watts, it's full-speed ahead to AUDI AG

* 5th International VDI Design Competition – "Formula Student Germany"
* University teams build electric-powered racecars
* Audi awards prize for most innovative lightweight concept

On your marks, get set, start your engines: "Formula Student Germany," the design competition for students, launches into its fifth round today at the Hockenheimring. When university teams from all over the world present their racing machines, Audi will once again be there on the jury of experts. The top prize will go to whoever can produce the best overall concept – in addition to technical know-how, the jurors will also be looking closely at creative marketing ideas and the overall business model. For participating students and corporations, it's the ideal chance to get to know each other better.

Starting today, the contest to prove who has real engineering talent will play out on the Hockenheimring: Over 2,000 technically minded students will put their skills to the test at "Formula Student Germany." A fast race performance is not the only thing that counts in the design of the single-seater racecar – financial planning, viable selling points and efficiency will also be factored in. 76 university teams from all over the world will compete in eight disciplines. In 2010 pioneering thinking in terms of electromobility is especially in demand: In the first ever "Formula Student Electric" contest, only racecars featuring an electric drive concept are allowed to compete. 15teams in all have taken up the challenge.

The designs will be judged by a jury of experts from the automotive, motorsport and automotive supplier industries – including members from AUDI AG. In addition to this, the premium manufacturer is also represented at "Formula Student" with its own competition: The "Best Lightweight Award" will be given for the most innovative lightweight concept. "We are meeting some extremely motivated students here and are able to get to know them while pursuing our passion – working on cars," says Dr. Werner Widuckel, Member of the Board of Management for Human Resources at AUDI AG.

Next to fun and an exciting contest, the competition organized by the VDI offers the engineers of tomorrow an ideal platform for presenting their talent to companies: "If you're able to embody our brand values – sportiness, sophistication, and progressiveness – out there on the race track, whether it's with an electric engine or an internal combustion engine, then you're a good fit for Audi," says Michael Groß, Head of Personnel Marketing at AUDI AG. Since 2007, the premium manufacturer has won over more than 20 students through "Formula Student" – and the trend is rising. In all, the four-ring brand will hire over 500 specialists in 2010 alone.

Back in January, Audi began examining initial entries in the competition for electric-powered racecars: In the "Audi Contest Formula Student Electric," the team from TU Eindhoven won the 15,000-euro prize – the ideal basis on which to implement its e-car concept and score a victory on the Hockenheimring over the next four days. Joni Driessen, Operations and Finance Manager at TU Eindhoven, is optimistic: "We are confident that our performance will ultimately earn us a victory. But of course, we're still looking forward to some strong competition."

Overview of AUDI AG's entry-level and training programs

Vocational training at Audi
AUDI AG offers instruction in more than 20 skilled trades at its two German sites. In 2009, a total of 722 people began Audi apprenticeships in Ingolstadt and Neckarsulm. To mark its anniversary "100 years of Audi" that it celebrated last year, the Company will be offering an additional 100 apprenticeships for young people in 2010. As part of a dual-track education in a choice of four technical trades, there is also the possibility of simultaneously qualifying to later study at a technical university.

Dual-track education
(StEP & studies at the Vocational Academy/Dual University of Baden-Württemberg) Participants of the StEP Program benefit from an intelligent blend of theory and practice, which consequently leads to excellent prospects for an Audi career and two full degrees in just five years: a Bachelor of Engineering and certification as a mechatronics specialist or vehicle mechatronics specialist (issued by a Chamber of Industry and Commerce). The Bachelor's program at the Vocational Academy/Dual University of Baden-Württemberg at Audi's Neckarsulm site allows participants to earn an internationally accredited Bachelor's degree within three years and profit from an intelligent balance of theory and practice. With Audi offering hands-on exposure and the Vocational Academy/Dual University of Baden-Württemberg providing classroom theory, participants acquire comprehensive expertise.

Be it in Technical Development, Production, Toolmaking, Quality Assurance, Purchasing, Customer Service, Marketing/Sales, Finance and Organization, or Human Resources: students can intern in just about any Audi department. Audi internships last eight weeks to a maximum of six months. From day one, Audi interns actively participate in the workplace and on actual projects. In addition, Audi offers a broad array of supplementary events including an orientation session, a factory tour, and a series of presentations.

Students also have the option of writing their thesis or dissertation project at Audi.

First Job Experience Program
Thanks to Audi, university graduates who earned good grades but have not had the time or the opportunity to gain hands-on experience can gain professional know-how and an additional qualification while earning appropriate remuneration during a job lasting six to twelve months.

International Trainee Program
During a twelve-month program, trainees get to know key interfaces within and outside AUDI AG during various projects. They work independently on three to four projects in different areas during their traineeship. One project must be in their target field and a second at one of the Volkswagen Group's non-German sites.

Newly hired employees
Newly hired, full-fledged employees immediately start on projects in their scope of work. New employees work with a mentor in their specialist area and customize a job familiarization strategy that introduces them to key contacts at the company.

Development program for graduates
The development program for university graduates and young professionals is aimed at engineers and economists. During their tailor-made program, participants first work one to two years in their target field. Then they spend two years in interface roles to expand their knowledge of the process chain. After about four years, these experts possess interdisciplinary knowledge and can master responsibilities in their target field. Customized, advanced vocational training - on and off the job - complements this program.

Doctorate degrees
University graduates at Audi can earn their doctorate in one of two ways: as an AUDI AG employee or by collaborating with Audi on a joint science project. The doctorate program at Audi has been continuously expanded in recent years. Some 140 scientists per year earn their doctorate degrees at the automobile manufacturer in Ingolstadt.

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