It looks like drivers should be less concerned about their vehicles' black boxes recording their every move, and more worried about their neighbors in traffic. Police in New Delhi have dished out 665 tickets for traffic violations, though not by using any traditional footwork. Instead, the local PD launched a Facebook page where fans can submit photos of bad drivers. With 6.5 million vehicles registered to drive on its roads, New Delhi is notoriously afflicted by motorists that tend to alternate between homicidal and suicidal. So far, fans of the Facebook page have submitted a rash of photos of cars and motorcycles in illegal or dangerous situations.
The New Delhi police have admitted that there may be some privacy issues at stake here, but that by and large, the system seems to be working. Citations are sent to the owners of the vehicles and issued by using license plates that are easily visible in the photos. Here's hoping this line of law enforcement remains overseas.

[Source: The New York Times]

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