Imagine a ginormous bus, hollowed out to allow cars to drive right on through/under it and you've got the gist of a cunning, but rather odd "3D Express Coach" project created by Shenzhen Huashi Future Car-Parking Equipment. At first glance, the idea seems quite hysterical, or at least worthy of a small chuckle, but upon further inspection, this ginormous bus idea kind of makes perfect sense.

The idea behind the "3D Express Coach" bus is relatively straightforward. As Shenzhen envisions it, the bus utilizes the space between the roadway and overhead objects such as bridges, existing stoplights and signage, while allowing passenger vehicles to freely move through the bus' hollowed out midsection. This setup would certainly help reduce congestion in fast-growing cities and reduce the need for building either additional roadways or underground rail lines. In addition, the company claims that building the infrastructure needed to support this bus could cost up to 90 percent less than a typical subway. If the ginormous bus idea has piqued your interest, then you'll be thrilled to learn that the "3D Express Coach" will soon be a reality as Shenzhen Huashi has announced that it will commence building the first 115-mile bus track in Beijing by year's end. Hat tip to David!

[Source: China Hush via Engadget]

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