Chrysler reportedly confirms second shift, 900 hires at Sebring/Avenger plant

2010 Chrysler Sebring sedan – click above for high-res image gallery

Chrysler is so confident that you're going to go for the upcoming Sebring and Dodge Avenger that it's reportedly adding 900 workers and another shift to the Sterling Heights where the models are assembled. That's quite a turnaround, seeing how the factory was one of the eight slated for closure during Chrysler's bankruptcy. The updates for both cars include revised suspensions and interiors, with the convertible getting a Pentastar V6 to boot.

According to The Associated Press, the extra manpower will initially come from laid-off workers at Chrysler factories in Detroit, Michigan, Twinsburg, Ohio and Racine, Wisconsin. The 1,270 Sterling Heights workers currently employed at the plant have been living under a cloud of uncertainty regarding the plant's future, but with assembly of themodels secured, morale is on the mend. Perhaps the bigger question is, will the factory build the much-rumored, recently patent-submitted 200C?

[Source: The Associated Press via Google]

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