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Chevrolet Voltage released its latest clip, titled "What makes the Chevrolet Volt a better electric vehicle?", which unsurprisingly promotes the Volt as a better electric vehicle (EV) than the competition. This prompts our first question: since when did the Volt become an EV? Last time we checked, the Volt was still more of a typical plug-in hybrid than a full-blown EV, but whatever. The video provides a one-sided look at the Volt's claimed superiority over competing EVs such as the Nissan Leaf. The video touches on the Volt's long-distance cruising abilities, its extensive battery warranty and its hot/cold weather abilities.

While General Motors is quick to point out the Volt's advantages, we'll provide some balance by presenting its obvious disadvantages: the Volt costs significantly more than the Leaf and it still gulps gasoline, albeit at a lesser rate than most other vehicles. Quibbles aside, we applaud both companies for their breakthrough vehicles and wish 'em luck. Hit the jump to see why GM believes that the Volt outshines its electric competition. Hat tip to Greg!

[Source: Chevrolet Voltage]

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