SK Energy to provide lithium-ion batteries for upcoming Hyundai, Kia electric vehicles

Hyundai i10 electric – Click above for high-res image

With all of the talk about the Nissan Leaf and the Chevrolet Volt, it's easy to overlook some of the other happenings in the world of battery-powered cars. Fear not, cause we've got it all covered. Turning our attention to Hyundai- Kia for just a moment, South Korea-based SK Energy Co. announced that it will provide lithium-ion batteries for upcoming electric vehicles from both Hyundai Motors and Kia Motors.

SK Energy's lithium-ion batteries will first appear in Hyundai's i10 EV, scheduled for release sometime in 2011. Sporting SK cells with a claimed energy density of 140 Wh/kg, the i10 boasts a 99-mile range and a top speed of 81 miles per hour. SK Energy's advanced lithium-ion batteries utilize a unique lithium manganese oxide cathode material; a surface-modified graphite on the anode; a gel polymer electrolyte; and a ceramic-coated separator. Of course, SK Energy would like us to believe that this high-tech talk amounts to a better battery, but it just reads like your typical li-ion lingo to us. Hat tip to Dan!

[Source: SK Energy via Green Car Congress]

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