Man pays nearly $200,000 to park truck in his own drive – click above to watch the video

Beware of the home owner's association. Considered this country's most basic, ruthless unit of government, HOAs are typically organized and manned by retirees with little better to do than tell you what to do with your property – something A.J. Vizzi recently learned the hard way. When Vizzi purchased his home in Odessa, Florida, he was told he would be allowed to park his Ford F-350 Super Duty in his home's driveway, even though the neighborhood's rules forbade keeping vehicles anywhere other than the garage. The truck didn't fit in the home's garage.

The local HOA soon changed its mind, and before long a lawsuit ensued. In 2008, a judge ruled in Vizzi's favor, but the association quickly appealed the decision. In March, a second judge sided with Vizzi, and the courts awarded him $187,000 in legal fees to be paid by the HOA. In total, the association claims that the ordeal has cost over $300,000, including the cash it now has to pay to Vizzi. Take a look after the jump to watch a local news report on the legal battle. Thanks for the tip, Sea Urchin!

[Source: My Fox Tampa Bay]

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