The crew at Green Car Advisor recently got an opportunity to try out one of the latest-generation Think City electric vehicles shortly after it landed in the United States. This latest version is equipped with a new Enerdel lithium ion battery in place of the old Zebra battery. The American-made battery has a capacity of 25 kilowatt-hours, which gives the Think a nominal 100-mile range on a charge.

Think is apparently using 95 percent of the battery's capacity, which could have some negative consequences on the lifespan of the battery pack. The new battery does provide higher power and a faster charging rate than the zebra battery. The performance of the Think is still pretty limited – a top speed of just 68 miles per hour – but the GCA crew did manage to get 43.5 miles of fairly aggressive driving with 38 percent of the battery charge left. That works out to a range of 75 miles in similar conditions. No U.S. pricing or launch date has been announced yet, but Think obviously wants to get here as quickly as its little wheels can roll.

[Source: Green Car Advisor]

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