Design Q Q-VR – Click above for high-res gallery

What do you do when you find the $79,275 Range Rover just too common to tolerate? Sure, you could take your mountains of money to any number of positively plain customization outfits to have the interior lined in albino ostrich, but where's the taste? The style?

Fortunately for a very select group of very wealthy buyers, Design Q has gone through the pains of customizing the high rider into a pillar of luxury. The company calls its creation the Q-VR, and it rides on a lengthened Range Rover platform. Along with a little extra leg room, the additional inches in wheelbase allow for a set of doors that hinge on the top and bottom to provide the easiest of access.

Throw in niceties like a humidor, a mini spa and a drink chiller, and you've got the closest thing to private jet you can get on a highway. Design Q hasn't been kind enough to let us plebes in on how much this sucker is going to cost, but we're guessing somewhere between "ain't cheap" and "for the price of a third-world economy."

[Source: Gizmag]

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