Autocar is reporting that Nissan is seriously considering relaunching a reborn 200SX (Silvia) fastback to compete with the likes of the current Mazda RX-8, possible upcoming RX-7, Volkswagen Scirocco and Renault Megane. The reborn 200SX would slot in beneath the company's 370Z and give Nissan a fuel-efficient, affordable two-door coupe to take on a growing list of competitors.

Nissan's decision to axe the 200SX back in 2002 has left the company with a gaping hole in the low-cost, rear-wheel drive sports car category, thus allowing the competition to swoop up sales with new model introductions. As Nissan aims to re-enter the market with the 200SX, finding a suitable platform has proved challenging. According to Autocar, platform options are limited to just a cut-down 370Z chassis, but that may prove to be too heavy for the 200SX. We're hoping that Nissan can work something out and introduce an efficient, budget-friendly fastback soon.

[Source: Autocar | Image: David Locke1 – C.C. License 2.0]

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