As Nissan's launch of the Leaf electric vehicle draws near, the company is ready to get public input to help guide the process through the final steps. Nissan recently launched the "Leaf Online Research Panel" and emailed hand-raisers in hopes that their active participation will help the company "lay the groundwork for a successful launch of the amazing Nissan Leaf, and for a future in 100 percent electric mobility." The research panel will be tasked with participating in monthly focus groups, answering brief surveys and taking part in interviews.

In related news, Nissan is now sending out approval notices to those who qualify for a free charger courtesy of the EV Project. Many qualified hand-raisers have received this notice from Nissan:
You've been approved for your home charging dock and installation as part of the U.S. government's EV Project. You will be contacted by ECOtality in the near future to discuss the next steps. Installation of your home charging dock will be scheduled approximately a month before delivery of your Nissan Leaf.
As Nissan inches closer to the big debut, we continue to be amazed by the company's efforts to make the journey towards a gasoline-free future a success. Hat tip to Evnow!

[Source: My Nissan Leaf]

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