Fiat's two-cylinder, 85 hp TwinAir engine

TwinAir mania has taken over hold here at AutoblogGreen. From the introduction of the 0.9-liter, two-cylinder engine in the Fiat 500, to the recent report claiming that a hybrid version of the TwinAir is coming, we've been almost overwhelmed by all the TwinAir talk that continues to come our way. Now, we've been informed that there's more to the TwinAir madness than first thought. As Autocar reports, Fiat will introduce two more versions of the TwinAir to compliment its 84 horsepower unit that will be available in the 500 this September.

After the launch of the first TwinAir engine, Fiat will introduce both a detuned and a high-output version of the little two-cylinder engine. In its detuned form, the TwinAir will put out a paltry 64 hp, but in high output trim, this little mill is expected to crank out 105 hp. Fiat believes that's enough oomph to propel vehicles larger than the 500 down the road and is confident that the TwinAir engine will eventually find a home in models produced by Lancia and Alfa Romeo. As Fiat expands its TwinAir applications, the possibility of it finding a home between the fenders of a Chrysler product seems quite likely as well.

[Source: Autocar]

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