The idea of driving around with a glass of water on your dashboard may seem a bit ludicrous, but if Toyota told you that a single glass of water could help reduce fuel consumption by 10 percent, would the craziness of placing that glass on your dash fade away. Toyota doesn't want you to literally place a glass of water on your dash – that could get wet – instead, the company is pushing the idea that driving in such a way that your theoretical glass of water remains full would reduce fuel consumption significantly. To spread the word about its fuel-saving concept, Toyota has created a site appropriately called "A Glass of Water."

So, how do you keep this imaginary glass of water topped off at all times? Well, provided you aren't in a hurry to get somewhere, it should be quite simple if you follow these guidelines: begin by accelerating with graceful ease, leave plenty of distance between you and the vehicle ahead, brake gently and apply tactics used by hypermilers. If you need more help to keep your glass full, head over to the Glass of Water site and hit up the coach section. Alternately, iPhone users can download a virtual glass of water app by clicking here. If you'd like to learn more about Toyota's "A Glass of Water" challenge and are interested in giving it a try, then click here to begin saving fuel by the cupful.

[Source: A Glass of Water]

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