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Things are looking up for the much ballyhooed Mercedes-Benz A-Class. While most of the motoring world has been wincing since the Silver Arrow said that it would be reworking its compact segment entry, rumor has it that the German manufacturer is actually contemplating incorporating design cues from a handful of its more successful concepts into the look of the new pint sizer. According to The Detroit Bureau, the A-Class will borrow heavily from both the F800 and Concept Fascination prototypes. We're not sure whether that means that the final product will be available in both four-door and hatchback trims or if the real deal will simply be a mash-up of the two. Either way, we're expecting good things here.

The Concept Fascination Prototype first hit the scene back in 2008 and immediately piqued the interest of anyone with a long-roof loving bone in their body. With a long, arching roof line and aggressive rear flanks, the car was all things right in the wagon world. Meanwhile, the F800 surfaced more recently – at this year's Geneva Motor Show – and wears the corporate nose we see all over the majority of the Mercedes-Benz stable. Blend the two, shrink it to scale, and you probably have a pretty good idea of what the upcoming A-Class will look like. At least that's what we're hoping.

[Source: The Detroit Bureau]
Concept Fascination photos by Jonathan Ramsey / Copyright ©2008 Weblogs, Inc.
F800 photos by Chris Paukert / Copyright ©2010 Weblogs, Inc.

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