There's a lot of energy talk around here, but some of the most fun is about the future and thinking about the innovations that may forever change our perception of energy production. For example, what about solar energy beamed in from the moon? Want something a little more down-to-earth? Check out these sweating plants that could be the key to a cleaner future.
We're not guaranteeing that these ideas will be part of Shell Dialogues' upcoming webchats on July 22nd outlining the future of energy, but maybe readers can bring them up. The chats, appropriately called "Big ideas for the future of energy: aspirations and realities," might debunk some energy myths and provide an outline of realistic expectations for the future.

As the Shell Dialogues team talks about the future of energy, you can let them know how you feel by registering for the webchats and voicing your opinion. Follow the link below to register and view the introductory video.

[Source: Shell]

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