1997 Mini Spiritual city car concept

While the current crop of Minis aren't exactly mini anymore, the company's upcoming city car concept – described as a Smart ForTwo rival – should help fill the void. Mini is putting a heavy emphasis on the word rival, otherwise, we might think Mini would actually set out to build something comparable to the ForTwo and that's far from true. Though Mini's city car concept may take years to reach showroom floors, its big-stage debut is a little over a half-year away.

As Autocar reports, we can expect Mini to unveil the city car concept at the Geneva Motor Show next March. The city car concept fits into BMW's Project I mobility initiative. Autocar reports that engineers involved in the development of the Mini city car have revealed that the vehicle's layout makes it next to impossible to offer seating for four within the tight confines. This indicates that we should expect to see either a two- or three-seat configuration when the vehicle debuts in Geneva. Mini intends to gauge the overall reaction to its city car and proceed with development after the vehicle hits the stage.

[Source: Autocar]

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