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Fiat's introduction of the TwinAir engine in the 500 has piqued our interest. The 0.9-liter, two-cylinder mill offers amazing efficiency at a claimed 57 miles per gallon (U.S.) while also making the Cinquecento "pure fun" to drive. If 57 mpg isn't quite enough to whet your appetite, a report from Auto Express hints that maybe Fiat's TwinAir hybrid might be the ticket.

As Auto Express reports, Fiat's TwinAir engine will be coupled to an advanced twin-clutch transmission that also houses a 5 kW electric motor. The electric motor will provide additional low-end grunt to help the 500 scoot away from stoplights without consuming much fuel. The Fiat 500 TwinAir hybrid will emit just 70 grams per kilometer of CO2 and should be capable of eclipsing the 100-mpg mark. And here's the big news: this ultra-efficient hybrid gem could be U.S.-bound by late 2012 – we're definitely keeping our fingers crossed for this one. Hat tip to Matteo!

[Source: Auto Express]

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