When the Canadian province of Ontario first announced its lucrative rebate program for electric vehicles (EV), we'd venture to guess that residents interested in purchasing an EV were overjoyed. At $5,000 to $8,500, Ontario's rebate program offers one of the grandest monetary incentives for EVs around. But as the program rolls out and the details trickle in, Ontario's plan now looks a lot less grand.

For starters, Ontario's EV incentives only applies to vehicles of the four wheel variety. Ontario residents itching to get their hands on something like the amazing Brammo Empulse at a significantly reduced price are out of luck. While we can manage to overlook the four-wheel requirement since we're into cars, it's next to impossible to ignore the limited scope of the rebate program. The plan limits incentives to the first 10,000 qualified applicants, but in a province with a population of more than 13 million, that 10,000 number is almost laughable. As the Canadian auto site Wheels.ca suggests, "Ontario's rebate will be invisible: It merely adds to a growing checklist of inequitable and ineffective public-relations stunts." Hat tip to Keith!

[Source: Wheels.ca]

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