How many hurdles are there on the road to the electrification of the vehicle? Technically, a lot of the problems are on the way to being solved. Costwise, there's still a ways to go. As for public acceptance, well, this might be the tallest hurdle of them all.

Without question, there is a very excited minority ready for plug-in vehicles in America. Charles Child, the news editor of Automotive News, is decidedly not in this group. In fact, Child and Detroit News columnist Manny Lopez drink from the same water when it comes to scoffing at electric and efficient vehicles. Here's Child writing about electric vehicles:
An electric car is mainly an appliance. First, of course, it runs on electricity, the same power that operates dishwashers, hair dryers and bedside clocks. And electricity is not sexy.
Well, neither is gasoline, Child. It's what you do with the energy that's important. Child also loves him some ignorance:
At a General Motors press event last week, executives proudly displayed the specs of the Chevrolet Volt's battery: 16 kilowatt hours and 365 volts. Hmmmm. I make no claim to be a car guy, but tell me a car has 250 hp, and my ears perk up. Tell me its propulsion battery generates 16 kilowatt hours, and nothing registers. A foreign language.
Child is right when he writes that, "After years of pitching the power and freedom of the internal combustion engine, [automakers] are now groping for a way to sell electricity," and that this is a hurdle. But when fools like Child steadfastly refuse to learn about this new breed of vehicles – which pretty much everyone agrees is coming – the height the automakers and plug-in vehicle advocates need to reach just keeps getting higher.

[Source: Automotive News – sub. req. | Image: nicolasnova - C.C. License 2.0]

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