Transformers 3 is filming in Chicago right now, luring all camera-toting film buffs to the Windy City's streets like moths to a bug zapper. In addition to snagging the three NASCAR Transformers and Optimus Prime's trailer, there's the matter of a 1972 Datsun 510 painted much like Bumblebee and dangling a "BEE-OTCH" air freshener from its rear view mirror.

We have no idea what that's about, but as long as it doesn't involve Wheelie or Skids we should be all right with it. Well, maybe not - this looks like it's shaping up to be as big a mess as Revenge of the Fallen. Maybe he'll at least take the form of a Nissan GT-R later, as with his Chevrolet Camaro 'upgrade' in the first movie. Click the links below to check out the rest of the shots.

[Sources: Ain't It Cool, TFW2005]

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