Rendering of a next-generation Chrysler PT Cruiser – Click above for high-res image gallery

The end of production of the Chrysler PT Cruiser prompted a reader at the Cheers and Gears forum to try his hand at rendering what could have been a next-generation edition of the retro hatchback. It's often been said that following up a retro design is particularly difficult, though admittedly, BMW has managed to do so with the Mini.

The artist, Andrew Currie, has taken his cue from Mini by retaining the original PT's basic shape, with the biggest changes applied to the nose. A larger grille with four round, exposed headlamps still retains the flavor of the outgoing model. If the design were applied to a more modern platform with an up-to-date powertrain and better handling, it's certainly possible it could have been successful. The problem is that such designs tend to be fashion statements, and you know what they say about "One day you're in ..." In part, Mini's success has come by expanding the concept to different body styles including the Clubman, Countryman and the upcoming coupe and roadster. It's not clear that a single PT variant could do the job.

What do you think, could a new PT Cruiser with modern running gear still succeed? Let us know in our poll after the jump.

[Source: Sector 329 Graphics/Andrew Currie via Cheers and Gears]

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