Nissan Leaf test drive – Click above to watch video after the jump

By now, you've undoubtedly witnessed countless pictures of the Nissan Leaf. You've probably also encountered several videos, read numerous reviews and possibly even caught a glimpse of the Leaf in its undisguised form on public roads. But few people have had the opportunity to actually drive the Leaf and even less have had the chance to spend a considerable amount of time at the helm.

While the public's opportunity to pilot a Leaf may still be months away, CNBC's Phil LeBeau had ample time to drive the Leaf around southern California, and luckily for us, provided video of the event. Before we get to the ride along, let's touch on LeBeau's driving impressions of the Leaf. As Lebeau sums it up:
The Leaf delivered a far more spirited ride than I was expecting. It's not perfect, and I'll tell you what I didn't like in just a bit, but overall it's a car most people will enjoy driving.
The flaws LeBeau found include excessive wind noise, a rather ordinary interior and an unexpected whir from the electric motor. Complaints aside, LeBeau concludes that the Leaf is good enough to succeed, but he's not yet convinced that it will be a game changer. Follow after the jump to ride along in the Nissan Leaf.

[Source: CNBC via Nissan-Leaf]

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