Companies working to build streetside electric vehicle chargers face a lot of obstacles. From deciding where to install them to worries about vandals unplugging the cord, there are a lot of issues that have nothing to do with the vehicle or the charging technology. Earlier today, when thinking about Coulomb's first Manhattan charging station, which is in a parking garage, we thought about one more problem with street-based charging units: how do you stop non-electric vehicles from parking there.

It makes a lot of sense to reserve parking locations (like Zipcar does, for example), but then you run the risk of frustrating drivers of standard ICE cars, the way fire hydrants do today. If you don't make the parking spots near the chargers for plug-ins only, then what's the point of having the charger there? The cars that need the juice won't have access. With parking already limited in urban areas, setting some aside for electric vehicles is important, but also potentially difficult. Are any of our readers working with city governments on this issue? What's the consensus on how it's going to work?

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