2010 Local Motors Rally Fighter – Click above to see video after the jump

Local Motors hasn't generated a whole lot of publicity since it debuted its crowd-sourced Rally Fighter off-road coupe at last year's SEMA show, but that doesn't mean the small-scale, forward-thinking builder hasn't been busy. We haven't managed to convince them to hand over the keys to one of their lunar buggies just yet, so we're still patiently waiting in line to get behind the wheel. Who wouldn't want to drive a giant 3,100-pound dune buggy with a fighter-plane-inspired sports coupe body and a torquey BMW diesel under the hood?

When we finally do get to drive this fun and funky beast, we promise not to paint it orange or to put a big "01" on the doors or even a Confederate flag on the roof. We can't promise, however, that we won't try our best to replicate this Bo and Luke-worthy stunt. The company has sent along a video to show that the Rally Fighter does indeed have off-roading chops, in case you doubted it after their previous nine-minute video release. So check out the short clip after the jump and turn your sound up so you too can hear John Fogerty while it spools up and Waylon Jennings wailin' while the Rally Fighter soars.

Photos by Frank Filipponio / Copyright ©2010 Weblogs, Inc.

[Source: Local Motors]

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