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The Grand-Am Cup has changed names more times than Prince, but the series remains largely the same. Two classes run in the Continental Tires Sports Car Challenge – Grand Sport (GS) and Street Tuner (ST) – the former comprised of Porsche 911s, Ford Mustangs and Chevrolet Camaros (among others), with the latter covering everything from Honda Civics to Mini Coopers and Subaru Imprezas.

Depending on the event, both classes run at the same time, which can make for some entertaining action. Such was the case at last month's race at Mid-Ohio, where Joey Atterbury and his Camaro fought tooth-and-nail in the GS class. The on-track antics had us screaming expletives for the better part of three minutes. Find out why by clicking on the jump.

[Source: Atterbury Racing via YouTube]

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